Pal Zileri is a renowned Italian menswear brand founded in 1980 by two Italian entrepreneurs in the Veneto region. A blend of loyalty to its cultural roots combined with an innovative vision characterizes a new era for Pal Zileri, where sartorial craftsmanship and contemporary designs are skillfully intertwined in a constant dialogue between creativity and vision, between past, present and future. Further marking the new course is the appointment of Rocco Iannone as its new Creative Director in July 2017. Pal Zileri today continues to evolve and embrace modernity, whilst maintaining an infallible commitment to quality and Italian sartorial heritage offering tailor-made high-quality apparel for modern men.

The Made to Measure Service, also known as Su Misura, allows you to select materials from the finest selection of natural fibers, such as the merino wool, cashmere or vicuna, these premium fabrics are meticulously sewn and draped to become distinctive and personalized pieces of art work. The detail and personal touch is not limited to your fabric selection, but also the bells and whistles that make the suit unique, such as collar linings, button styles and ticket pockets.

The Su Misura process offers you complete flexibility in terms of the fit, style, and detailing of their garment, and is centered around a highly in-depth development of the garment's fundamental fit in response to the individual's desired silhouette, as well as their particular posture, build, and stance. The Su Misura process begins with a discussion of the desired garment, after which the customer's body measurements are taken, and fabric, trim and detailing options are reviewed with the help of the master tailor, leaving you with an apparel designed to meet your individual needs and exceed your desires.

Like the finely spun fibers and textiles that give you a quality suit, the tailors are a seamless structure to the process, with years of experience and a delicate hand to create an art of manliness. Choose from a selection of world-renowned designers and meet the master tailors in-store at Little Red, to give you a unique service that balances personal elegance with everyday practicality.

Made To Measure

Little Red offers the Made to Measure service for:

  • Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Armani Collezioni
  • Brioni
  • Stefano Ricci